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Studio Futura (Futura Guitars/FuturaSound Instruments) is a multifaceted design studio focused on forward-thinking and vintage-inspired guitar design, graphic design and branding, founded by artist and designer, Chris Ferebee

A quick overview: I work as an artist, graphic designer and furniture/product designer, and have designed award-winning, internationally recognized furniture designs, many of which have been included in numerous publications on design. A number of my designs have been sold through major auction houses such as Sotheby's, Wright Auctions, and Los Angeles Modern Auctions. Most recently, one of my early furniture prototypes (Hive Shelving Unit) was acquired by the Carnegie Museum of Art for their permanent design collection.


On the music industry side, I had the privilege of serving as a design consultant for legacy brand Supro, having helped design/style their 2020 line of guitars including the Silverwood, Clermont and Conquistador, along with logo design and aesthetics for the Infinity 2 looper for Supro's sister company, Pigtronix. Other work includes the Airline Mercury, designed for Eastwood Guitars; rendering and design work for friends PureSalem Guitars, Revelation Cable Co., Templo Devices, Lowe Custom Guitars, Tru-Fi Effects, Oneder Effects, as well as numerous other great independent builders. I've also had the fortunate opportunity to submit original designs to Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Harmony and Ernie Ball/MusicMan.


If you're in need of a custom guitar design (or amp design, pedal graphics, logo) or concept rendering of a guitar project you want to envision, I'd love to help out. Whether it's a headstock design, body shape or a top-to-bottom design - I'd love to work on your next project! Collaborations as well as design licensing are welcomed too! Feel free to contact me with any questions! To see examples of my guitar design & rendering work, see Client Renders & Futura Guitars.

Follow on Instagram to see the latest news, projects, designs, collaborations and miscellaneous randomness. You can also view more of my graphic design work here.

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